So I can’t even lie I haven’t done that brilliant on the healthy eating front BUT I have done a lot of exercise, caught up on sleep and started getting more prepared to be more organised and healthy!

I haven’t ate much today just a cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup.

Exercise wise: Friday I went to the gym had a good workout even though it was my ‘last day of junk’, yesterday consisted of lots of sleep and lots of walking at night and today has been hectic rushing round starting my Xmas shopping and trying and failing miserably to find an outfit for a staff party.

Today hit me hard, when shopping I got to the point where I just didn’t even want to look at anything more nevermind try anything else on as I just felt like an absolute fat mess and everything either looked hideous or didn’t fit. This is the worst I have ever felt.

So tomorrow is Monday the day normally start their diets etc so I’m jumping on that bandwagon and hoping to out a bit if a day food planner together tonight and try and stick to it.

Busy week coming up but hopefully might keep my mind off good and keep me busy!


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