The day before the healthy eating starts..

We all know it, it’s the day we pledge is the last day of eating rubbish before we start our diets/healthy eating the following day. I have decided mine is today and yes I will be starting my healthy eating on a day that falls on a weekend (shocker I know).

I work Monday – Friday and to be honest I think they are the days my eating habits are the worst, I work at a desk and this takes up 40 hours of my week so my working days are pretty sedentary and today I have decided I am going to research desk exercises and what I can do round the office to make me more active whilst at work.

If you have any suggestions please comment. I am very much open to ideas.

So as it is my last day of feeding my body with junk, and I have the afternoon off work as I have a new job interview I may just have to treat myself to a Chinese BUT I promise tomorrow is the start of a new me!

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