It’s been a while..

Hello Strangers..

Firstly apologies for abandoning this blog for over a month! I’ve missed you all, so here I am again.. Hope you have all been good over the Easter period! Guess what? I haven’t (at least act surprised) to be fair though the lead up to Easter was worse than the actual holiday itself, I have had a chest infection since Saturday (the day after good Friday) so I haven’t ate much as I can’t taste much which is probably a blessing in disguise!

As of the week before last  weighed in at 18st 7lbs, which meant this is the lowest I have been all year so I must of been doing something right but I haven’t weighed myself since and I’m guessing that maybe all these Easter eggs may of caught up with me. My gym routine has been lacking as well which isn’t good as I was really enjoying it but I am just lacking energy at the moment. I did go for a swim on Saturday (before the illness hit) and did 25 lengths which pretty much killed me because of my chest. Even walking up the stairs is making me breathless at the moment, I’m hoping it will shift asap and I can get back on track at least gym wise anyway!

So enlighten me with your news over the past month? What have I missed?

I promise to at least update this once every 10 days or so as of now!  

Starting again and again and again, or so it feels!

So in the last 3 weeks I have worked my arse off in more ways than one, yet not literally ass my arse hasn’t got any smaller!.. 2 end of module assessments and two exams as well as a heavy workload, life problems and the gym.

I feel that now I have most of that hard work out the way (studying wise) I can start to concentrate on my healthy eating and exercising again properly. My healthy eating went completely out the window but I have been sticking to the gym as much as possible (approx. 3 times a week)

I haven’t lost or put on any weight as I have maintained on the scales which I would be over the moon at if I knew for certain it isn’t all gonna catch up with me, which is normally the case!

Lately, I don’t know why and I have had this feeling in the past but not to this extreme but I feel nervous around 75% of the time, I’ve never had it this before and wondered if anyone else feels this way? I don’t know if its lack of confidence or what but I’m not enjoying it.

I’m hoping its a quiet week work wise and I can get my ‘life sorted’ as such, I really need to start saving and need to get thinking of some ways but its so hard when renting a house and having a car etc… Any ideas welcome..

On the fat side of things, Tomorrow I am going to give raspberry ketones a go and get back on the diet properly, I did my food shop yesterday so i’m nicely prepared just need some willpower. I’m not going to bother with the scales as they are like my enemy but I will redo my measurement and hope that in a months time they will be decreasing. The only motivation I have is this little but of sunshine we are experiencing!

OH and forgot to mention.. on Friday I took desperate measures to the limit, I was on pintrest and came across ‘home body wrap’ so I tried it, meaning I smothered my stomach in lotion, and wrapped myself in cling film, it lasted approx. an hour because it was so uncomfortable and I forgot to take measurements so I’m not too sure if it worked but I just thought I would tell you for your personal amusement..


I’m still alive & kicking.. Just!


Sorry I have been very quiet on the blogging front I have been uber busy.

Just thought whilst I have a quick ten mins I would update you..

I have got 2 end of modules assignments due, one on the 6th and one on the 17th of this month, had an exam last week and another next week, I have the biggest work load you could imagine and I decided to spend my weekend doing none of the above. Yes I am behind massively.

For a Monday morning I am in a pretty good mood if I am honest, I don’t know why I am sleep deprived and sporting a 2 day hangover BUT I am now officially a ginger! It only took me two years to pluck up the courage built I have finally dyed my blonde locks.. GINGER! & I love it.

That’s enough of life anyway, I know you all follow me to keep up to date with my what should be weight loss journey that is ending up as a maintain journey. Gym wise I have been doing good, been back to group kick ad had my review on Saturday, as I haven’t had a review since 2012 I am having to treat it as my first one all over again but he told me all the details like BMI, Body fat percentage, height, weight, what to eat, when to eat, my resting calorie burn situation, how many I need to work off in the gym etc it was very informative. So I will book in for another on the 1st April and it gives me something to work towards.

This week I am busy with work as you can see but hoping to get to at least 5 classes at the gym over 4 days.

Hope you all are getting on well and having some good results.

Group Kick…

As I said yesterday I was trying Group Kick for the first time since it has changed from Body Combat last night & guess what…


As much as I was dreading it and my mate practically dragged me there. I walked out of the class straight to reception and booked in for next week. I loved the music, the moves, the amount of sweat that was pouring off me.. & this morning I feel great. Although my wrists are sore from holding my weight which they aren’t used to but its all part of the process I suppose.

I went in thinking I don’t think I am going to last 5 mins, and was actually gutted when it came to the cool down. In the first ten mins I was like this is a bit violent as the instructor shouted stuff like ‘grab their head now punch’ but after a short while I embraced it and thought of people I didn’t like and pretty much punched them in my mind, was quite therapeutic haha! So yeah if like me you are worried about trying it all I can say is DO IT! I’m looking forward to next week!

Progress.. or not so much.

I feel like I am working bum off and seeing absolutely no results. You are all probably sick of hearing me say this but on Monday I got back on the scales and I was back up to 18st 12lbs. WHY!!! Unless tomorrow when I go to the docs I am told I have some sort of medical problem there is no need for this whatsoever, so all I can do is wait for my doctors appointment tomorrow night. I am going to be so embarrassed standing on them scales!

I am forever thinking about my weight and new ways to make it more fun/interesting etc so my latest is non food incentives for half stone goals. I am thinking along the lines of half a stone = a sunbed course or a hair appointment etc something to make me feel a bit better in myself along with this weight loss that is apparently never going to happen.

The gym has become my second home, I am there 5 times a week. Tonight I am trying ‘group kick’ which was formally known as Les Mills ‘body combat’ nervous but excited, I would love to be able to get into something like this as apparently it is one of the best cardio classes to do along with Zumba. I will let you know how I get on next time I post.

LASTLY! I am thinking of giving up chocolate for lent. Yes you read that right… CHOCOLATE you know that tasty brown stuff I claim to be addicted to? It’s a thought at the moment but I think it would do me the world of good & seen as it takes 21 days to pick up or break a habit lent has 40 so it could be a good plan!

you call it valentines day, I call it Friday.

Happy Friday people! Couldn’t give a f**k that it is valentines day seen as I am a singleton and all that jazz!

So my progress is what you want to know about seen as that is why you all follow me, I jumped on the scales this morning and I have lost 2lb since Monday, so that’s 5lb overall lets just hope this time I can keep it off over the weekend seen as that is my biggest downfall!

Exercise wise I didn’t make it to the gym Wednesday night because of the UK storms we had going on and there was a red warning from the met office in order to stay indoors basically, so I abided by this and stayed in and caught up on sleep by having a having an extremely early night. Then yesterday the gym had a power cut, all fun and games when your in the pool and its pitch black.. still managed to do my boot camp class and a few weights though so I cant complain.

This weekend I am at a house party so drinking is on the cards BUT I am going to try and not go silly and just have a couple. Also have good intentions for the gym this weekend and coming week too.. I have a ‘progression week’ at college meaning basically I wont be in on Monday and Tuesday so I am free for a change. Here’s a list of the upcoming bookings I have class wise for the gym. 




No one can say I’m not putting the effort in can they hey!

Also have another docs appointment book for next Thurs to get my blood test results. Fingers crossed I’m all healthy in that respect and I’m not working my ass off for nothing! & also going to do my measurements at some point this weekend in hope they are going down and not up.

Anyway hope everyone has a lovely weekend, lets see what Monday brings!

Fighting a losing battle..

So that half a stone was actually 3lbs, 3lbs in two weeks just isn’t good enough. I am working my arse off and nothing is to show for it. Feeling pretty rubbish right now. No one is to blame but myself though, these cheat days are turning into cheat weekends & it needs to stop now.

Truly feel like I’m just at war with myself.

It’s Monday so I should start again and maybe give cheat day a miss this weekend. My blood results should be back this week also and maybe a measuring session might be a bit more positive than jumping on the scales.